Carry your favorite fragrance with you!

The Problem

Perfume bottles have limitations impacting both consumers and producers!

The Consumer's perspective
– They cannot be used for every occasion:
Beautiful, heavy bottles don’t fit into their bags
Size and capacity are limited due to air travel restrictions
(i.e. 1 L of fluids in hand luggage).
The Producer's perspective
– Sales potential not at its maximum capacity.
Current Consumer work-around
– They use a separate portable perfume atomizer.
Current Producer work-around
– They offer many different bottle sizes.
CarryMeOn’s solution:
Portable atomiser integrated in every perfume cap.

The Value Proposition

CarryMeOn is a revolutionary and patented solution allowing producers of perfumes to integrate a portable container into the perfume cap.

Thanks to this innovative approach, consumers are now able to enjoy their favorite perfumes wherever they are without the need to buy a separate atomizer, which is difficult to fill, at an additional cost.

At the same time, perfumes using CarryMeOn solution benefit from at least 25% usage growth, which translates directly to a significant increase in sales.

For whom


Perfume Producers


Forecasted growth of perfume usage by minimum 25%
Advantage against competitors
Relatively cheap investment costs compared to profits

Packaging Producers


Expanding the Offer/ Portfolio of an innovative product
The way to acquire new clients
Relatively cheap investment costs compared to profits

Meet the Founders

Anna Pawłuszek

Anna Pawłuszek

Chief Executive Officer

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Grażyna Kurkowska

Grażyna Kurkowska

Chief Business Officer

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